Top 15 Smartest Dog Breeds

Psychologists Rank The 15 Smartest Dog Breeds. Did Your Dog Make The Cut?

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We have heard the phrase ‘as faithful as a dog’ time and time again in our lives, and honestly, we don’t think it’s one bit wrong. A dog is really a man’s best friend.

A dog is always there to play and comfort their owner, whether it’s playing around with your child, waiting for you to come back home after work, or being by your side when you are sick or crying, or when it comes to protecting you from harm, your dog will always find a way to make you special.

That is why every dog owner out there takes pride and find a comforting and loyal friend in their dogs. While dogs can be the cutest creatures on earth, they are also one of the smartest pets to have in your home, as shown by some studies.

Here is a detailed list of the top 15 smartest brightest dogs:

1  German Shepherds

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German shepherds are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds. These dogs are highly intelligent, bright, do not shy away from hard work, and are very strong physically. As an addition to their high emotional intelligence, they are extremely curious dogs.

The time and hard work put in training german shepherds are always worth it in the end, as they end up being brilliant and bright at whatever they do. Hence, their owners tend to train them in a bunch of different tasks. For example, German shepherds are trained to help the handicapped, used in the police force for drug detection, safety and rescue operations, and in the military operations as well.

Prior to that, it’s interesting to see how great they can be with the toddlers, developing a close and a strong relationship which makes them highly protective from their side. Discover more on the next page. you can’t believe the number 14.

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