Top 10 weirdest crossbreed dogs

Crossbreed dogs are special breeds of two or more famous dogs. This pattern dates back to the late 20th century when unmixed poodle is crossbred by breeders with a full-blood dog to produce a moodle dog with attributes from the breed of other famous dogs. The common physical appearance derived from the puppies of cross-breeding some certain purebreds are usually not homogenous but they will end up having the attributes of both dog breeds.

This outcome has brought about a large variety of physical appearance of these baby dogs that vary from extremely weird to very adorable baby dogs. Crossbreeds are usually referred to using a portmanteau term that will reflect the name of the purebred parent. This usually results in an unlimited selection and complicated nature of these names.

10. Pitsky – Pit Bull and Husky

The toughness and flexibility of the American pit bull are united in the Pisky while still possessing the attraction of the Siberian or Alaskan Husky. The amazingly built muscle of the Pit Bull is merged with the wolf-like look and cleverness of the Husky in this mix. The long, hairy nature in the genetics of the husky gives the Pit Bull extra layer of soft feathered look. Believe it or not, the overall look from this mixture is rather unusual. Nevertheless, this is a resilient dog that has a huge reputation of barking less and hails a very remarkable breed that will be less hostile and very lively. It is without a doubt that this dog requires a minimum of two hours of rigorous workout to remain healthy and in shape owing to its strong and muscular build and most significantly, to put into great use, its wellspring of energy.

9. Schorgi – Corgi and Sheltie

This sturdy and short shepherd dog has a combination of names that is quite difficult to pronounce. A smart, dedicated, alert and productive dog birthed from the crossbreed of the Shetland Sheepdog and the Corgi. This is a wonderful pet with an attractive disposition and always endeavor to make its human happy but needs to be kept obedient, smart and occupied. Its parents are responsible for its stubborn nature which makes it require a persistent, confident and a tender pack leader that will control its behavior accordingly. Due to this dog’s inclination to herd, it is suggested that the Schorgi undergo proper training and interact with socially before being exposed to little kid. Due to this dog’s height and closeness to the ground, there are doubts about how practical breeding this sheepdog will be especially being contested when running but this obstacle will likely be defeated owing to its gentle and loving nature. read more in the next page… number 1 is unbelievable 








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