This is what you have to do so that your dog does not bite the furniture

Forget the miraculous repellents and use canine toys and ice cream and the tricks that an expert reveals to us so that your pet moves away from the sofa.

When you return from work, you open the house door shaking and wondering what furniture your pet will have destroyed this time, do not despair. We have asked the veterinary ethologist Dani Ferreiro, how to act and, above all, what we can do to solve the unwanted nibbling of a dog in the furniture.

What the dog can bite (and whatnot)

The reason that leads your dog to bite the furniture can be very varied. The ethologist explained, it is due to a misdirected exploratory behavior. “Sometimes, we have simply forgotten to tell the animal what it can gnaw and what it can’t, so it shouldn’t surprise us that its nibbles end up on the couch,” says Ferreiro, a member of the College of Veterinarians of Seville.

In other words: biting and using the mouth to know the world is a natural behavior in dogs, intrinsic to the species. Therefore, we must strive to teach a dog that the sofa or the sideboard is not the most appropriate objects to drive teeth. It implies, of course, giving alternatives and nibbling accessories that are appropriate for this purpose. you can see more on the next page…






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