Protection of endangered wild animals

Protection of endangered wild animals

We share the planet with animals, They need food, water, and shelter, Just like humans do.

Humanity, clearing trees, and building roods can make it hard for some animals to survive.

But, there is hope for threatened and endangered animals.

people are working hard to help them.

1/ Black Rhino Protection of endangered wild animals

Black Rhino need our protection.

Hunters kill rhinos for their horns. By 1995, only 2400 wild black rhinos were left.

African countries joined together to protect them.

Today, their population has nearly doubled in size.


2/ Red Wolf

Protection of endangered wild animals

Red Wolfs need our protection.

These shy animals once roamed the eastern United States.

They were hunted almost to extinction. A protection and breeding program is underway for these animals.

Now, over 100 wild red wolves live in North Carolina.


3/ Giant Panda Protection of endangered wild animals

Giant Pandas need our protection.

They live in bamboo forests high in the Chinese mountains. Most of their habitat has been destroyed.

Only 2500 wild Giant pandas remain. People are trying to save bamboo trees and pandas.

4/ Siberian Tiger Protection of endangered wild animals

Siberian Tigers need our protection.

Just 400wild Siberian Tigers remain. They live in cold parts of Asia. Scientists put radio collars on some of these tigers.

Radio signals reveal how the tigers live and breed.

Better understanding will help people protect tigers.

5 / Chimpanzee Protection of endangered wild animals

Chimpanzees need our protection.

They are threatened when people live too close to them. Chimps can watch human diseases.

Chimpanzee groups are stranded when forests are cut down.

People are planting trees to help connect chimpanzee groups.

6/ Jaguar Protection of endangered wild animals

Jaguars need our protection.

People thought they were extinct in the United States.

Then, a few Jaguars were spotted in Arizona and New Mexico. They may travel from Mexico.

Now, special laws protect jaguar in these states.

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7/ American Bison Protection of endangered wild animals

American Bisons need our protection.

Million of Bison once covered the grasslands of the United States.

In the 19th century, hunters nearly eliminated theme.

Today, herds of wild bison live at Yellowstone

National Park.

8 / Ocelot Protection of endangered wild animals

Ocelots need our protection.

People hunt them illegally for their beautiful, patterned skins. Only about 100 wild ocelots are left in Texas.

People have a plan to bring ocelots from Mexico to Texas for breeding.



9/ Cougar Protection of endangered wild animals

Cougars need our protection.

People sometimes kill them for preying on farm animals.

Scientists are learning that cougars are important for the environment. they help control the deer population.

New laws protect these big cats.

10/ Dugong Protection of endangered wild animals

Dugongs need our protection.

They get tangled in fishing nets and hit by boots. Thes gentle sea mammals live off the coast of Australia.

Conservation groups are teaching others how to protect dugongs and their ocean habitats.

11/ Cheetah

Protection of endangered wild animals

Cheetahs need our protection.

African farmers kill cheetahs that hunt their livestock. A conservation group has a solution.

It brings Anatolian guard dogs to farms. The trained dogs protect farm animals, and cheetahs stay safe.

12/ Gray Wolf 

Protection of endangered wild animals

Gray Wolfs need our protection.

They were once the most widespread mammals in the world. Today, they are endangered in many places.

In the 1990s, wolves were released in Yellowstone National Park.

They have improved parkas ecosystem.



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