How would you describe a golden retriever?

How would you describe a golden retriever?

Golden Retrievers are lovable, very intelligent, easy-going, friendly, and lifelong friends. They make excellent service dogs, service companions, and family pets. They are good with children and are categorized as non-aggressive by the American Kennel Club. They are more suitable for households with older children and as companions for the active family.

Most retrievers however are of the sporting group breeding for the hunting and retrieving instinct and the instinct to swim. When they find themselves in the water, they have the ability to bring back a fallen bird without damaging it. They are shorter in stature and bulkier than other retrievers. These characteristics enhance the animal’s instinct to retrieve and make it an ideal dog for waterfowl hunting as well as for hunting duck, quail, partridge, and pheasant.

Originally found in the Scottish Highlands, they slowly made their way to the United States during the ’80s. They were then developed by breeding local retrievers with thoroughbred dark retrievers (toy, field, and spaniels). Throughout the year’s breeders were constantly tinkering with the golden retriever to put forth their best efforts in attempting to improve the breed.

Breeders began mating the desirable characteristics of the golden retriever to other dogs in the hopes of producing breeding once again for the original purpose of retrieving the game in the wild. Once the hybrid was created, a master plan of action was quickly formulated in order today that this new dog breed would be the ultimate hunting companion and work dog.

How would you describe a golden retriever?

The plan was simple, breed a golden retriever with a Newfoundland, pair the offspring off the breeding stock, and the new negate breed would then be used to find a master hunter to mate with. After many years of breeding and aging, the breed was then registered as a pure golden retriever in color and three main colors. The hybrid puppy began to gain popularity while still held to the golden standard.

Later, other colors such as black, yellow, chocolate, Provide unbounded energy and have a calm temperament. Over time it is fairly easy to discern the differences if the dog is a pure breed or if it is a mixture. Other variations include the smooth coat, long coat, moles, and other body offsets. As the golden standard was abandoned, the other colors and variations were abandoned as well.

At this time, the golden retriever was placed in the ninth spot. In 2000 a breeder in America then registered and renamed them as the American Supply shadow breed. America then went on to adopt the breed, and through that gain the ability to register them as a pure breed.

At this time, the OFA or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals was asked into considering the benefits of this new hybrid. They conduct extensive studies and do extensive research. They are crucial in making sure that the standard of this breed is maintained. For all intents and purposes, goldens is an excellent dog. They are very loyal, active, and have a great demeanor. They are enrolled in obedience classes and therapy dog classes. They are an animal that loves to swim, play fetch, and are constantly doing something. This is a breed that is equipped to serve and love a busy family.