Dog Food Controversy, Are YOU Killing Your Dog?

Dog Food Controversy, Are YOU Killing Your Dog?

If you truly love your dog, you cannot view your dog’s suffering, death, and cancer all as being part of just being a dog owner. If you honestly think that way, you are probably not a dog lover. You are a human owner, but of course, that’s not a difference.

Now that you understand some dog food can be downright dangerous for your dog’s health, you have to wonder just how in the world can you actually make sure that your dog will benefit, and that your dog won’t be actually eating from a can or bag, for many years to come.

It’s kind of like a child sees a perfectly healthy meal inside mom and dad’s house and begs forever to have it. Should you ever offer them the bribe to eat it, they would probably eat it from that very same hand that gave it to them. While we might understand that it’s not healthy for humans, it certainly is not healthy for the dog.

Dogs can eat things that humans can’t because we wouldn’t, but the difference with dogs is that they aren’t capable of asking for what they want when they want it, and how they want it. And this is kind of hard to understand sometimes. But they’re kind of like toddlers. They will push their luck sometimes, and what ends up happening is, the dog will have a life that will probably Saturday morning be awful and bad, and the only way that they will understand why they behaved like that, is if you told them no. And if you are like me, and think that it’s just too hard to be the PPH, you will accept that this is just how a puppy thinks.

You might notice that your puppy will eat just about anything. At first, we were concerned about this because of the dangers of wheat gluten, but as it turns out, dogs will eat anything. Mostly because they are just plain hungry and want to keep eating. And sometimes, they will eat it just because their stomach is getting upset, and they eat it and feel better fast.

A puppy doesn’t understand the difference that we like to make when it comes to snacks or even muffins. If they get hungry, they are going to eat just about anything. They will stick their nose in it, smell it, and know that it’s okay to eat it.

So, what do you do about it? You need to keep a strict observation of your puppy. And for that, you need to have some really high-powered scooper or another type of filers. You want to be able to have it in a bowl on your way home. So, no matter how cute it is, you need to have it in your hands, so you can filer it. I do not mean that you have to be violent, just to be able to get them to keep their hands to themselves.

You will need to have their leash on your hand, so you will be able to filer them and handle them on the go. Trust me, it will be worth it. One second with a leash, and you will be moving your puppy to the place where you want him or her to go potty before the second even takes.

filers and anything that can help you with your puppy litter box training. You will be very surprised how fast your puppy litter box training will go by. One second -puppy goes potty, and the second they’re done, you can hit your finger on the floor, and say nee to help them know what they’re supposed to do.

Set up a specific place where you want them to go potty. If they have a specific place, they will know what they’re supposed to do there. Another thing you can do is actually have two places. One in the house for peeing and pooping, and one in the yard so they know it’s okay to go there.

When they’re doing it where they’re supposed to, hat them up in there, with affection and praise. They will come to that conclusion quickly that where they’re supposed to go potty is outside.

Don’t be surprised when you only need to put a glove on your hand, to get them to bark – hopefully not at your six-year-old. At that point, it’s probably time to invest in some puppy training pads, so you can avoid accidents on your rugby some other means.