5 Ways to Stop a Dog From Chewing

5 Ways to Stop a Dog From Chewing

Owning a puppy is one of the best experiences one will ever have. Except for those allergic to puppies; every puppy is adorable and both you and your puppy will love each other throughout your lifetime together. But you need to make sure that your puppy’s chewing doesn’t harm you or other important items in your home. Here are 5 ways to stop a dog from chewing that you can start right now.

Step One Dog Proof Your Home.

Removing as much temptation as possible is the first step in stopping your dog from chewing your home. If you’re not home when the puppy comes home, dog-proof the home using a variety of methods. Make sure to check and make sure the doors and windows are closed if you have an exterior door. Look around for items that your puppy can get into such as flower beds and reaches, and make sure to get any electrical cords and wires out of the way. In the same fashion, look for cleaning supplies and any other type of household item that can be chewed. Make sure to protect your glasses, cell phone, remote controls, books, etc.

Step Two

Identify the theme of chewing and train a dog to stop chewing that kind of item. Dogs are not that hard to train, they are pretty smart. The hard part is to not let them get into the habit of chewing that type of thing. The remote, TV or any other item that your dog can chew should be put up anyway. You want to train your dog to stop chewing shoes, so they will chew other things but not your expensive shoes. Then when they do stop chewing your shoes, you want to give praise to your dog. This works great because you now have a positive experience with your dog and it will let them know that when they chew on a shoe they will be praised by you.

Step Three Give your dog a chew toy.

Now that your dog is done with your shoes, you need to give him a toy that he can chew on. The chew toy can also be a rawhide or any other chew toy that you feel fit. Now that your dog has chewed on your shoes, you can start to remove some of the shoes while your dog is still okay with the chewing. You want to take the heel, or any shoe you have left, and place it into the chew toy. Now you are left with having chew toys and shoes on opposite ends and you are free to walk away.

Also, in the same fashion, if you feel that your dog has gone too far with chewing on an object that is not a shoe, you can also give him a chew toy. However, for this to work, you need to remove all of the objects that your dog is chewing on and replace them all with chew toys. However, you should replace the chew toy as soon as you see your dog chewing on a real object that is not a shoe.

Step Four haircut your dog’s toenails.

To trim your dog’s toenails you should have something that your dog will not mind sitting on, such as a dog bed, while you trim the rest of his nails at home. To start you will want to look for the black or blue claws on the front feet. When you see that, you will want to use a nail trimmer or guillotine-type trimmer. You want to clip off just a small bit off at a time so that you do not get quick. To continue trimming your dog’s toenails you will want to stop clipping when you see your dog’s nails start to blacken or turn a little gray. As long as you keep trimming your dog’s nails you should have a healthy dog.

Step Five Brush your dog’s teeth.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is very important, especially for a dog. Dental problems are the number one health problem in dogs today. Your dog will not be able to live a happy life without proper dental care.

You can get treats that are dog friendly that can help keep your dog’s teeth in good condition. You can find these treats at your local pet store and at major chain stores. The treats should be no more than ten percent of your dog’s daily nutritional intake.

Brushing your dog’s teeth and taking him for regular checkups are both very important steps to helping your dog maintain healthy teeth. Remember to treat your dog like you would yourself. If your dog understands that you care about his health and well being then you are going to give your dog a healthy life.