10 Reason Cats Are Better Pets than Others

When talking about pets, you won’t even finish a sentence without mentioning cats, these creatures are the most loved in a family, and every family feels like they are not complete without a cat. There are very many other pets that you can decide to keep like dogs and rabbits among others, but no pet fit in a home like a cat. There are various reasons why a cat beats them all and here are some of them.


1. Cats love humans more

There is no any other pet that loves their owners like cats, this can be seen when one is buying cat, you don’t need to keep bribing them with food to stay at your place as their new owner, they will gladly stay and continue with life without any stress, this is unlike other pets like dogs which will be chained for a long time and be bribed with food mostly to stay, this makes a cat the best selection.

2. They are convenient

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If there is any convenient pet, then it should be cat, these pets takes a very little space, this makes it even easy to manage them even if you are living in a single room apartment. Cats are very good at grooming themselves too; you don’t need to spend a lot of your time grooming them every day like other pets.

3. Cats are friendly to other people

Have you ever had your friends fear to come to your place because of your unfriendly dog? It can be very frustrating to keep people who are uncomfortable with your pet. This is the reason why cats are the best choice; you don’t need to worry about people visiting because these creatures are very welcoming, in fact at first, they will run into hiding to gauge if the visitors are dangerous or not, once they are sure of that, it is the only time when they will come out to greet them, they will still play around with your friend and keep them busy as you do other things.

4. They are independent

It is a lot of fun n to walk around with your pet but not all the times, for instance if you have to go for work every day, it might be difficult to carry along your pet. Some pet will give you a hard time when leaving them alone, they will even make you feel guilty, and some people even employ care takers for their pets while they are away. When it come to cats, you will find out that they are very comfortable at home even if you left, they will gladly say good bye to you and wait for you to come back, this is the reason why they are the best preference.

5. They are more silent

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Cats are very calm and quiet when when they are at home, this is the reason why they can stay in the house for a long time without causing disturbance, unlike other pets like dogs which will bark at any stranger passing by even from the window of your house making a lot of noise to you and to people around you. Dogs also make a lot of noise when they play.

6. They don’t smell as much as other animals

It is not easy to smell the odor of a cat, the only small you can get is if you fail to clean their place of stay. Unlike other pets which have a very strong odor like dogs, cats can only have a smell of your clothes if they sit around you most of the times, this can be very convenient to you, and you can let your pet interact with your guests without worrying of their bothering smell. For such reason, a cat is always the best choice when it comes to pets.

7. They cost less

There are very many expenses associated with the purchase and maintenance of a pet, most people only think of the initial cost of buying, however, you will need to give good maintenance to your pet, you will need to buy sprays, buy food, get their insurance, take them to a veterinarian and take them out for a walk for the case of a dog. The overall cost of such maintenance is cheaper for a cat compared to other pets. This is the reason more people prefer getting a cat to other pets.

8. No more rats in your house

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Rats are one of the most destructive animals, the problem is that you cannot get hold of them by yourself; well you can say you have an alternative way of eliminating which is poisoning them, after poisoning them they will die right there in your house in places you cannot easily access and after a few days, they will start stinking, with a cat, you will never worry about these little rodents.

9. They are very alert than any other pet

Even if they are sleeping, cats still can hear and smell, they have quite sharp senses, with this, they can identify if there is a dangerous thing in your house, for instance, if a snake entered your house without your knowledge, a cat will identify that very first and take action, if young want to even know if someone has intruded into your house; your cat will tell you right at the door.

10. They are very playful

This is the best characteristic of a cat, they are naturally playful, they can be very helpful to you if you stay alone and you feel bored, you can always play with them to keep your day going, sometimes if you have a guest at your place and you are a bit busy taking care of them like cooking, your cat can still keep them engaged to make them feel more comfortable.

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